What Will Happen to Jojo?

What Will Happen to Jojo?

Sha’Lou, Aneeza Ashraf


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What will happen to Jojo teaches brothers JC and Jax how to navigate through the family preparing for their big move overseas. Their best friend and neighbor Carlito and his dog To'shi joins them as they all learn the meaning of the word “quarantine”. The Pee Wee Warrior series is specially designed to encourage and support the true heroes of this nation that are often overlooked. Children of active duty personnel are affected everyday when their parent, or sometimes, parents are deployed with no guarantee of return. Children are also affected when they have to leave their friends behind or their friends leave them behind due to military obligations. This can affect children in many ways including behaviorally, physically, mentally and emotionally. The parent or caregiver left behind is often faced with handling their own emotions while trying to find the support their children need. Pee Wee Warriors are a group of children of active duty and guard personnel representing all branches of the military. They share their stories so children around the world know they are not alone and that they are the true heroes of this Nation!