Kiss and Cry

Kiss and Cry

Narrelle M Harris


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Frank and Milo were introduced in Fly By Night (1999), where they got caught up in crime for the first time - smuggling, murder and assault.
Five years later, on the verge of The Big Time, Frank and Milo were tangled up in murder and kidnapping again in Sacrifice (2004). The first consequence of Milo’s experiences was to out himself and Frank as a couple on national television.
In 2009, Number One Fan explores the full consequences of the events of Sacrifice - anxiety disorders and the derailing of their music career - as well as the new directions Frank and Milo are taking now. Crime still loiters in the wings, however, or a type more often seen in the music industry: a stalker.
So here we are in 2014, and Frank and Milo are still together, still in love, and with new challenges. They’d very much like to not be involved in any more violent crime, thanks. However, crime seems not to be quite done with them.