Leading Meaningful Change

Leading Meaningful Change

Capturing the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of the People You Lead, Work With, and Serve

Beverley Patwell


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Based on her research and 30 years of experience helping people lead and manage meaningful change, Beverley Patwell offers a new framework to guide and enhance the change journey. This approach is humanizing, engaging, and results in the belief in a higher purpose that permeates throughout the organization while at the same time achieves outcomes that are far greater than one person’s single contribution. Patwell’s framework is effective in: • creating a shared vision that compels people to be engaged and involved in the change journey; • developing internal leaders and strong, cohesive and aligned teams to lead, manage and support the changes; and • developing strategies to effectively lead, manage and evaluate the human side of change. At the core of the framework are the Use-of-Self principles applied to the change process as seen through interviews with 24 multi-generational emerging, current and long-service leaders who explain why Use-of-Self remains a key element in successfully leading and managing change. The book also includes practical tools to help leaders and managers across the globe address change leadership challenges. Of special note is a two-year case study of the Senior Leadership Team in the City of Ottawa who led a significant city-wide culture shift using the framework.