Smarter World, Bigger Threats

Smarter World, Bigger Threats

Understanding the Internet of Things

Abdul B. Subhani, Dr. Muhammad Faisal Amjad


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The information technology revolution has significantly changed the way in which people interact with the world. Among other things, it has allowed us to access information about almost anything instantaneously and has given us the ability to easily purchase goods without leaving our homes. The Internet of Things is the next step of this revolution and will further transform the world by allowing us to connect our many “things” to the Internet. It will allow our smart cars to drive themselves and our smart refrigerators to automatically order food for us. However, making the world smarter will lead to greater security and privacy challenges.

Smarter World, Bigger Threats explains what the Internet of Things is by providing an overview of its history, development, and technical structure. It is estimated that billions of devices will be connected to the Internet in the coming years. Additionally, these devices will have access to financial or other personal information of its users. This will lead to many technological, security, and privacy challenges. Smarter World, Bigger Threats highlights these challenges and provides possible solutions.