Fatefully Yours

Fatefully Yours

Misha Anderson, Rachel Lima Lopes


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Klaus Braun Schneider is a Formula 1 driver at the height of his career.
He’s living in glory, rewriting Brazil’s racing history.
Beautiful and seductive, he’s the most wanted single man in the country.
There’s nothing that Klaus Schneider doesn’t have: success, fame, money, and women. He’s faster than the wind, the world is at his feet, nothing can stop him.
Anahí Saraíba is a physical therapist at the start of a promising career, torn between the white man’s culture and the simple way of life of her indigenous roots.
She accepts a job caring exclusively for the recovery of a race driver that’s temporarily paraplegic.
Klaus is a challenge for Anahi: depressive, rude, the typical problem-patient.
At first, Klaus hates the therapist they found for him, Anahí is too bossy, irritating, combative and...gorgeous.
But on a second look, love rearranges all around it, without asking, testing all limits.


Misha Anderson:
Misha Anderson is 37 years old, born in Rio de Janeiro, lives in Salvador - Bahia 10 years ago, Military of the Brazilian Armed Forces, married and mother of two children. Author of the novels The veils of Antonia, Lovely concubine, The voice of silence, The island and The torn. His relationship with books is one of passion, addiction, and therapy.
"Books, I love everyone, but my heart sways for erotic romances"
After a great turnaround of fate, after ten years without writing, he returned to do what it most pleases him: to speak of love.