Democracy Betrayed

Democracy Betrayed

The Rise of the Surveillance Security State

William W. Keller


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“A persuasive cri de coeur from a national security expert . . . makes a spirited case for preferring untrammeled freedom to managed and monitored safety.” —Kirkus Reviews
In the aftermath of 9/11, in lockstep with booming technological advancements, a new and more authoritarian form of governance is supplanting liberal democracy. The creation of the Security Industrial Complex—an “internal security state-within-the-state” fueled by tech companies, private security firms, and the Intelligence Community to the tune of $120 billion a year—is intruding on civil liberties to an unprecedented extent.
As a society, we have yet to comprehend the meaning of universal digital interconnection, its impact on our psychology, and its transformation of our government and society. America is at a crossroads in contending with a security goliath; allowing the beginnings of a police state, and the conversion of our “liberal democracy” to a “secure democracy”—one where government overreaches, tramples on civil liberties, and harnesses great advancements in technology to spy on the populace. Keller walks us through what these changes can mean to our society and, more importantly, what we can do to halt our march toward intrusive and widespread surveillance.
“William Keller’s warning bell for democracy is both frightening and clarifying. We are caught into a rare convergence of technology and terrorism—both of which are overwhelming average citizens. Keller will help us think clearly about what we are facing.” —William Greider, author of One World, Ready or Not and national correspondent for The Nation