Silicon States

Silicon States

The Power and Politics of Big Tech and What It Means for Our Future

Lucie Greene


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  • A bold and innovative look at our possible future, a macro picture of the world Silicon Valley might create at critical turning point, made all the more urgent by the headlines of the past year. As Silicon Valley (and its consumers/users) grapples with its role in the 2016 election, as rumors circulate about Mark Zuckerberg's future run for President of the United States, and as Amazon commands a race-to-the-bottom bidding war for its second headquarters from cities across the country, Greene's smart and accessible debut is an essential canary in the coal mine
  • There are very few women that write about this subject and the book includes a wealth of female perspectives from Jacki Ford Morie, NASA collaborator and VR pioneer, to Margit Wennmachers, leading silicon valley VC.
  • Silicon Valley is imperializing the planet. With nearly bottomless supplies of cash and boundless ambition, a small group of companies have been gradually seizing symbolic and practical civic leadership in America and around the world, with big plans to fundamentally alter sectors like health care, space exploration, and transportation ahead. And they are doing so largely unchecked, and oftentimes enabled -- even mandated -- by our government and our fellow citizens
  • In researching her ideas, Lucie Greene has travelled the country talking to leading Silicon Valley venture capitalists, thought leaders, global economists, government officials, NASA scientists, academics and Silicon Valley historians. She has had rare access to Hyperloop, AltSchool, Minerva, Facebook HQ, and Google HQ, and has conducted original data analysis through surveys in the US.
  • For readers who gravitate towards Naomi Klein, Brad Gladwell's The Everything Store, Jaron Lanier, Michael Lewis, and/or Farhad Manjoo
  • Broadly speaking, as a "futurist" in her daily professional life, Greene use anthropological research, ethnographic research, and original data to examine cultural trends and how they will impact brands, consumer changes (like "Generation Z"), and visual culture. She is a widely regarded expert in her field, a remarkably adept and charismatic public speaker, and a stellar self-promoter
  • Author will attend NAIBA Fall Regional Show, and ARCs available at BEA, ALA Annual, and PLA

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