Global Crisis And Sustainability Technologies

Global Crisis And Sustainability Technologies

Uchino Kenji


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Global Crisis and Sustainability Technologies is a nontechnical introduction and overview of the current "politico-engineering" — politically initiated engineering — intended for an international relationship. The book focuses specifically on technologies for crisis and societal sustainability in response to natural disasters, infectious diseases, enormous accidents, terrorist or criminal incidents, war or territorial invasions, elimination of toxic materials, and renewable energy, as well as risk management.

The case studies cited draw from the author's experience in the United States, Japan, and China, and act as instructive studies that may be extended and applied to other countries.

  • Background of Politico-Engineering
  • Japanese and Global Technology Trend Change
  • Global Politics in Engineering
  • Categorization of Politico-Engineering
  • Crisis Technology
  • Sustainability Technology
  • Risk Management
  • Advanced Game Theory
  • Concluding Remarks

Readership: Engineering & law school undergraduate, graduate students, and also active researchers who are interested in becoming Science & Technology program officers, intellectual properties, S&T policy making, global regimes etc.